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The Holy Cross

 There is a Christian praise song with the lyric: We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord.  A very different sacrifice than that of the Cross. It is September 14th and for those who are not … Continue reading

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Hate Parents, Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters, Myself – Was Jesus Serious?

Jesus said to hate your mom, dad, bother, sister, son, and daughter!  Then He said to hate yourself.  Just what did that mean then and what does that mean for the Christian today? Listen to the Message Here

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A Cowboy’s Religion

  Most important to a cowboy’s religion was that he “got” it, and “had” it. Probably few, if any, versions of a cowpoke’s religion ever got into any books of theology. But one old Plains cowboy’s description of what religion … Continue reading

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