For Ash Wednesday and Fridays During Lent

For Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent:

TURN thou us, O good Lord, and so shall we be turned. Be favourable, O Lord, be favourable to thy people, who turn to thee in weeping, fasting, and praying. For thou art a merciful God, full of compassion, long-suffering, and of great pity. Thou sparest when we deserve punishment, And in thy wrath thinkest upon mercy. Spare thy people, good Lord, spare them, And let not thine heritage be brought to confusion. Hear us, O Lord, for thy mercy is great, And after the multitude of thy mercies look upon us; Through the merits and mediation of thy blessed Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

~Augustus Duncombe, Manual of Family Devotions: Arranged from the Book of Common Prayer (London; Oxford; Cambridge: Rivingtons, 1868), 47.~

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