Will You Drink of the Excellent Wine?

Chalice of WineFor years and years, I have heard the story of the Wedding Feast at Cana. It is the story of Jesus’ first miracle – turning water into wine. The story is great and you can find the full story here. The debates over the story are even better. Those in the teetotal crowd claim Jesus made the water into fresh squeezed grape juice while those who do imbibe claim that such an idea is rubbish.  Continue reading

The Unending Bread

Eucharist_25Have you heard the story about when Jesus fed the 5,000? It is a truly amazing story. Jesus is being followed by the crowds. Some want to be healed, some want their family members and friends to be healed, and some simply want to see the amazing works Jesus is performing. Bottom-line is that they are all hungering after something. Continue reading

Where Have Your Feet Taken You

Feet_of_Jesus_2 Feet are strange. You would think that they are all about the same but that is not true. Everyone has seen ugly feet and everyone has seen good-looking feet. There are flat feet and highly arched feet. There are feet covered in callouses and feet that are soft as can be. Feet are frequently in shoes but if you are blessed by warm weather, your feet may be in sandals or even plain bare feet. Continue reading